No Shortcuts: Jay Cutler on Becoming One of the World’s Greatest Bodybuilders


“I was a machine… there was one goal in my whole life since I was 12, and that was to be the best bodybuilder on the planet.” -Jay Cutler

Jay started his youth as a normal kid from Sterling, MA who worked the family concrete business with his brothers. At age 18, Jay began to fully form his resilient mindset, and set off on his bodybuilding journey with one goal: to WIN.

Some of Jay’s most notable achievements in his career were the 1993 Heavyweight Teen Nationals Champ, 1996 Mens Heavyweight Nationals Champ, 2000 Night of Champions Title (Now the ‘New York Pro’), 2002, 2003, 2004 Arnold Classic Championships and the 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Mr. Olympia Titles.

Jay’s championship titles are paralleled by his dedication to his craft, laser focus, and undying respect for those around him.  To this day, Jay remains an exemplar of a true champion.

You’ll learn:

  • Full details of Jay’s journey to the top alongside other elite bodybuilders.
  • What Jay did differently from the rest (and why it worked).
  • The ONE major misstep of present-day bodybuilders.
  • How to prioritize health while competing at an elite level.
  • The differences in bodybuilding 20 years ago, versus now.

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Learn more about Jay Cutler and his nutrition/supplement business at or on Instagram @jaycutler and @cutlernutrition.


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