Live by Design: Invest in What’s Essential with Greg McKeown

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Greg McKeown, leadership and business consultant, is the author of two best-selling books: “Essentialism” and “Effortless.” Greg has built his career around defining what makes individuals and companies successful. Join Greg and Ben for their discussion on reinforcing values through actions, effortless leadership, and turning obstacles into opportunities.

If you’re a high achiever or a leader—or aspiring to be one—this conversation will help you hone your focus, and determine what’s essential for your success. Some key takeaways you will gain are:

  • How to make choices that align with your values.
  • Techniques to remove useless clutter from your mind.
  • The usefulness and importance of gratitude.
  • A 5-step approach to setting sustainable goals.
  • Where to invest your efforts for future impact.

Learn more about Greg McKeown and his work:

Essentialism Academy (free 21 day course included with book purchase)

What’s Essential Podcast

Instagram/Twitter: @GregoryMcKeown


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Ben Pakulski

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