Sunday Solocast: Ben dives into 5 hot topics

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In today’s solocast, Ben dives into 5 highly impactful areas of life, and answers some of the top questions submitted by listeners this week.

Leadership: The most essential characteristics of a leader, how Ben struggles to become a strong leader, and the two necessities to radically improve your leadership capabilities.

Ketogenic Dieting: one of the biggest mistakes most people make and how to fix it, how training must be different when eating keto, if you actually need carbs for performance, a new supplement that Ben uses in a ketogenic state or for long, hard training sessions.

The Myth of Stretching: How and why Ben uses yoga, and why stretching isn’t the best solution to increasing mobility.

Training Tips: The best approach for beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters, how to know where you fit and the best practices for cycling through these stages.

One of the best lessons Ben has learned in business over the last 10 years. There is SO much money left on the table each year, so he shares his approach to maximizing revenue and new opportunities.

Bonus: Ben’s top 5 daily non-negotiable habits to optimize performance for your body, mind and soul.



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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

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