017 – Is This the Real Healthiest Diet for Humans? with Dr. Paul Saladino

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Is it possible to live a healthy life eating only meat?  Dr. Paul Saladino makes a very strong argument in support of the Carnivore Diet in today’s episode.  Dr. Saladino brings a mass of studies to back up the argument that humans run optimally eating only animal products.  But… there is a catch… in order to balance all of your required nutrients you must consume what he refers to as nose to tail, eating from many parts of the animal including organ meat, ligaments, tendons and even bone.  Let us know what you think of this paradigm challenging episode! Part 2 comes your way on Monday!

Time Stamps

  • His case for the carnivore diet. [1:44]
  • Objectively, what has he seen his blood markers do while on the diet? [3:29]
  • How much protein does he eat on a daily basis? What do his meals consist of? [6:30]
  • Where is he sourcing most his meat from? [10:55]
  • How do you start to incorporate eating ‘nose to tail’? [13:50]
  • Does he believe the carnivore diet is something most people would benefit from? [16:05]
  • Would he prescribe this diet to people who are predisposed to health conditions? Plus, the misconception behind saturated fats. [20:30]
  • Can you be an optimized human being on a carnivorous diet? [28:17]
  • What is the counter argument that plants are good for us? How plants have developed ‘plant toxins’. [34:29]

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