016 – Alicia Gowans: The Trials and Triumphs of WBFF World Champion

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Alicia Gowans has faced her fair share of adversity on her way to the top.  Before she won even her first pro show, let alone title, Alicia dealt with a severe back injury that still plagues her to this day.  Alicia has over come unimaginable obstacles on her way to her 2 championships and has used those experiences to create one of the best teams in the world.  In this episode we dive into the mental fortitude Alicia developed while training with chronic pain, the necessity of celebrating the journey as well as the wins, and how she has found physical relief in confronting her emotional barriers.

Time Stamps

  • The evolution of her fitness journey and the importance of being a GOOD person. (0:41)
  • Being client centric and taking people down the path of their own discovery. (6:34)
  • How do we bring ‘joy’ into our lives? The practice of plugging out of the matrix. (9:27)
  • Challenging one’s mental barriers and celebrating the wins. (13:47)
  • She opens up about her devastating back injury and challenging the path of least resistance. (19:54)
  • “Peeling” the banana back and her self-healing journey back to health. (32:36)
  • How did she create of the practice of responding rather than reacting? (43:38)
  • The practice of focusing on the inner game before the outer game. Why we should all be our own superhero. [46:27]
  • What is next for her? [51:17]

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  • Dr Joe Dispenza (@DrJoeDispenza) · Twitter
  • Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C (@the_muscle_doc) • Instagram
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