015 – Heart Rate Variability and Energy Systems- Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Performance with Joel Jamieson

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Joining us today is one of the most forward-thinking coaches in the world! Joel Jamieson has trained elite MMA fighters, Navy SEALS, and worked for some of the largest fitness brands in the world. Joel was a pioneer in using HRV to evaluate training and recovery in his athletes and over the past several years has worked on developing tech that gives the average person access to this advanced analysis. In this episode Joel walks us through evaluating your recovery based on HRV, explains the energy production systems behind HRV and how you can start improving your HRV.

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Time Stamps

  • What is he currently excited about? [4:16]
  • What type of athletes does he find benefit most from guiding their training with these heart rate zones? [8:10]
  • An overview of HRV (heart rate variability) and its impact on balancing the two halves of the autonomic nervous system. [10:08]
  • How HRV is impacting energy systems and how are those energy systems impacting how we are training? [15:25]
  • How does Morpheus start to dictate the volume of aerobic training? At what point does it become a negative thing? [17:20]
  • Can one use HRV to determine and decipher how they should be training? [19:29]
  • How does he use HRV to determine his athlete’s nutrition? [24:35]
  • Why there are only so many calories your body can burn in a given day. [27:45]
  • What are some of his top parasympathetic interventions? [30:36]
  • Does he have any practices that he advocates to his athletes? [35:06]
  • How much does he manipulate intra-workout variables in regards to nutrition? [38:17]
  • The argument against IIFYM (if it fits your macros). [41:40]
  • His universal macro profile approach. [46:18]
  • Any particular foods that he gravitates to increase performance? [47:20]
  • Does he give his athlete’s any strategies in regards to their psychological well-being and mindset? [48:56]
  • How does he eat on a daily basis? [50:35]
  • Does he have any interventions to improve sleep? [51:35]
  • What supplements does he recommend or take? [55:48]
  • How 1/3 people are going to die from cardiovascular disease and the important steps to take NOW to combat this. [59:00]

Featured Guest

  • Joel Jamieson (@coachjoeljamieson) • Instagram
  • Website

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