102 – What is holding you back from your goals? Understanding limiting beliefs with John Assaraf

Our internal dialogue creates our external reality. When this reality is one of fear, self-doubt, shame, and judgment, it acts as an obstacle, holding you back from living a life of alignment and purpose. No matter how good we may be at goal setting, if we do not work on these mental roadblocks, we will never get to where we want to be. Today’s guest is a phenomenal leader in the behavioral and mindset world, John Assaraf. When he started, his focus was on helping people thrive financially. He has since pivoted to helping people overcome what’s holding them back. In this episode, John shares his fascinating journey with us and the tools he was given at a young age to succeed. The skills John’s mentor equipped him with helped him change his neural pathways of beliefs, habits, expectations, and setpoints. We also learn about achieving goals and why it is a more holistic process than many of us know.

It requires activating five parts of our brains, which means that setting the goal is simply the first step. John also talks about the importance of understanding how your emotional responses are triggered when you begin to work on new goals. If you have continually let yourself down by not achieving your goals, you likely have trauma around it. By learning new skills of awareness, you can rewire your brain to set yourself up for sustainable success. John also sheds light on his innercises, and how taking small, decisive steps have cumulative effects that ultimately help create seismic shifts. He shares more on the importance of alignment as well as why focusing on the process and not the outcome gets you where you want to be. John is an incredibly inspiring leader, and we are so grateful he took the time to be with us.

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  • How Ben and Muscle Intelligence community are moving through this challenging time. [3:56]
  • Learn about John’s background and the shift that happened in his teaching and thinking. [7:23]
  • Find out what John’s mentor showed him that changed his life forever. [9:07]
  • What happens in the brain when we set goals and increasing the likelihood of achieving them. [11:41]
  • What motivated John to write his latest book, Innercise. [15:45]
  • Goal-setting versus goal achieving and what prevents people from taking action. [16:57]
  • How we developed our current neural networks and what we can do to change them. [22:13]
  • Why creating skills and a language of awareness will lead to neural changes. [24:11]
  • Learn more about how mindfulness training brings us back into a state of consciousness. [26:09]
  • How long it takes to develop a new habitual pattern. [28:58]
  • Success comes from following fundamental processes and patterns and commitment [31:14]
  • Learn why you have to interrupt existing processes to create a new mindset. [34:12]
  • Insights into three of John’s innercises and how they help retrain the nervous system. [36:14]
  • The Get Off Your Ass Law: Learn about John’s GOYA law and what it entails. [40:29]
  • John’s unusual way of getting clarity and staying focused on all his goals. [43:38]
  • Find out more about John’s meditation routine and how it changes. [48:11]

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