Ryan Smith has previously been a guest on the show to teach us all about peptides

Today, he joins me to talk about epigenetic aging, DNA testing, changes in the market and new regulations for peptides, predictions, interventions and individual diagnostics. This is a fascinating conversation for me, as I put my body under a lot of stress during my career and am always interested in longevity and living my best life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and please don’t hesitate to contact the team at TruDiagnostic if you have any questions about the fascinating things they are doing.  

Ryan Smith graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Transylvania. In that time, he had multiple research internships, studying large scale protein synthesis and physical chemistry. After graduation, he attended medical school at the University of Kentucky for 2 years. After finishing all the educational curriculum and passing USMLE Step 1 he decided to leave and help open up a pharmacy in the United States that focused on peptide synthesis and formulations for pharmaceutical preparations. Since that time, Tailor Made compounding has become the 4th fastest growing company in healthcare and 21st fastest growing business in the US. Tailor Made Compounding was the first pharmacy to offer an extensive list of peptides in the US and continues research and expansion for the use of these products for the integrative medicine space. 

Since then, Ryan has opened many businesses including TruDiagnostic, a company focusing on methylation array based diagnostics for life extension and preventive healthcare.


More about Ryan and TruDiagnostic here:

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[0:23] Introduction to guest Ryan Smith
[1:01] Show sponsor BUBS Naturals
[3:12] Changes in the Peptide space in 2020
[6:38] Change in the definition of ‘biologics’
[10:25] Quality-variability in compounding pharmacies
[11:54] TruDiagnostic and Ryan’s new focus
[12:55] Epigenetics and biological aging 
[15:50] What’s methylation?
[16:30] Transcribing your DNA
[18:47] Aging (and aging backwards)
[20:00] Testing aging rate
[22:35] Control your epigenetic expression
[24:22] Snapshots of DNA
[25:50] Predictions through epigenetics
[30:25] Interventions and individual diagnostics
[31:15] Show sponsor Optimize.me/muscle code Muscle10
[35:57] Intrinsic vs extrinsic age
[40:05] DHEA 
[41:17] Triglycerides and diabetes
[43:20] Applications and predictions
[47:30] Vaccines and genetics
[50:15] Immunsystem support
[52:10] Intervention protocols
[53:50] Vitamin D – liposomal and injections 
[56:50] NAD vs NMN
[59:16] Ketone esters
[59:36] Anti-aging peptides
[1:01:05] What your testing kit tells you
[1:03:05] How to find a practitioner
[1:04:10] The benefits of testing
[1:07:20] Disclaimer