“I totally love the HEM program, and I stuck with the program each day doing what I can even with only 5-6 hours of sleep, not that Im ever prone to giving up. The nutrition portion: I could have been better (but I work in a remote area for 3 weeks so I had to get creative…not unhealthy just a lot of protein powder and some kale/ bean soup).

Even if a person can only give 75%, a person WILL improve!

I didn’t take pictures as I’m not a picture kind of gal but I did take measurements and I
-lost 3 WHOLE inches on my thighs (started at almost 28 inches now at 25)
-lost 7/16 inch on my waist (but my waist is small relatively)
-lost 2 inches on my hips
-no net on biceps but I had little fat there, I gained muscle for sure
-lost 1/2 inches on my calves

Of course, people are noticing the results from The Mi40 Nation!!

I have had an old issue with my left hip which limits my ROM (no cartilage) but I still was able to improve HUGELY! On the lying leg machine I couldn’t get past 40 pounds now. However after HEM, yesterday I am up to 90 pounds for 6 reps!! Yes, of course GOOD REPS….no momentum at all.