“I would first like to say, I am privileged to join you in your Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass as I find that you have already helped me understand much towards the correct way of executing movements in my workouts to help me achieve the best body that I can. I have just turned 61 and have been in Bodybuilding since I was 40, and sad to say have always tried to understand the correct way of executing movements, and I thank God for the day that I stumbled across your videos on Bodybuilding.

I will always use your programs in my training from now on.

I love your course material and have faith in your choices and I am here to make an effort to use it in my workouts, to be able to finally “own it”. I have lagging body parts and I feel with effort and what I am learning from you,they won’t remain that way.

Thank you for everything and keep the information coming.”