156 – Skill acquisition in programming with Killian Hamilton

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Killian Hamilton joins me on today’s episode about skill acquisition in programming.
If you’ve ever done any of my programs, you’ll know that my clients always go through a primer phase to learn the skills of muscle activation and exercise execution. So I’m excited to hear him and the team at Pre-Script talk about this often neglected but certainly essential aspect to achieving competency in the weight room. 

Killian is the Director of Innovation and Program Design at Pre-Script as well as Head Coach and Founder of K2 Coaching.

As a competitive powerlifter and strength coach, Killian has competed and coached athletes at both national and international level. He believes that at its core, strength is a skill, and acquiring that skill is paramount in the pursuit of performance.

To find out more about Killian and the new Pre-Script course, please visit: 

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