Real Mushrooms

Real Mushrooms makes a truly superior certified organic 100% mushroom product line. Most adaptogenic mushroom supplements have added grain (mycelium), but Real Mushrooms does not. Each mushroom powder is 100% concentrated for maximum effect. Real Mushrooms varieties are available in both powder form (easily mixed into coffee, tea, or a smoothie) and in capsule form. Some of my regular favorites are:

Lion’s Mane: For focus and cognition. 1-3 g daily is a great way to optimize your mental state.
Reishi: For immune support, and restful sleep. 1-3 g nightly can be a huge driver of increased quality sleep. Plus, if you feel a cold or virus coming on, 3g of reishi daily can be added to help your immune system fight off the illness.
Cordyceps-M: For peak performance, physically and mentally. Cordyceps-M is a great add-in to your morning or pre-workout routine.

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