Zachary Phelan

“Loved everything you put out! Was much needed in the industry. The biggest thing I have gotten out of this so far is taking the muscle through the entire range of motion to failure and being able to keep it all on that muscle. Pretty crazy to knock out sets of 10 then a shotgun […]

Elliott Dunaye

“I have been able to get much better contractions and I’m able to utilize machines to make them work for my body, and I’ve also been able to cut out exercises that just don’t fit my body no matter how much I want them to. Overall I have been extremely pleased with both the workouts […]

Mike Walsh

“The in depth teaching was great. Very specific and easy to understand. The videos were awesome. The workouts were great.”

Jeremy Sexton

“The content of movement and muscle anatomy was particularly useful, as it helped me understand some things I was missing in performing exercises properly. Also, the content on choosing specific exercises based on my body and available range of motion helped me realize that if one isn’t working out, choose another. Thanks so much for […]

Joshua Bailey

“I’ve really enjoyed the masterclasses. It feels professional, and I really admire how intentional you are about making sure we are understanding and implementing the protocols. I also love the videos. They are done really well and are an excellent reference. It’s been fun learning to implement execution. There are some areas that I feel […]

Erik Oakley

“I’ve really enjoyed the in depth videos explaining execution but more so how the muscles actually work and how to isolate JUST that muscle. That’s been invaluable. Overall everything has been great!”

Joanne Giannini

“The content is fantastic so far! Videos are really amazing. Learning so much!! If I don’t feel like I am “getting it,” I can go back and watch the videos again. Great resource! I’m especially feeling my back much more.”

Christoforus Tzogias

“From the moment that I have discovered you Ben I have seen big improvement.”

Ricky Christian

“HEM is a great way to execute each exercise with 100% contractions. I am very happy to be a part of this.”

Vishal Oza

“The science explaining which exercises fit to my structure has greatly improved my execution for every exercises I do in the gym. I am feeling great. I can see improvements in my exercise execution as well as body composition.”