Organifi is a staple in my pantry, and makes it easy to consume high-quality nutrients from juiced organic vegetables, without the hassle and mess of using a juicer. Organifi juice and adaptogenic powders are:

100% organic and glyphosate-free.
Crafted with functional superfoods.
Easy to drink by themselves, or blended.

My favorites include:

Organifi Green: A nutritional catch-all, and something that everyone should take. This is a great way to make sure you meet your nutrient needs while traveling, or even within the parameters of a busy daily life.
Organifi Red: A great way to boost nitric oxide, which is both a performance booster, and particularly important for male erectile function. Every man should be taking a red blend.
Organifi Gold: The perfect way to wind down at night, with reishi mushroom and anti-inflammatory spices. Organifi gold comes in several additional flavors as well.

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