My friend Dr. Michael Miletic, renowned Neuropsychiatrist and former Olympic weightlifter, joins me on today’s episode for a deep conversation about embracing and transforming emotions, mental health and his approach on helping his clients. 

We cover topics such as trauma in athletes, the feeling of hope, negative self-talk, repressing emotions and many more.

Dr. Miletic has brought his life experience to his work as a pioneer of the Brain-Body-Mind approach to medicine. In his clinic, The Miletic Center, he specializes in the treatment of athletes, executives, and adolescents looking to reach their full potential by evaluating the brain, mind, and body and utilizing the latest science and evidence-based approaches for health optimization.

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Please share this episode with someone you love and who you feel will benefit from this conversation. We feel it’s an important message and hope it can help anyone struggling at the moment. 


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