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When you get really good, it’s not how hard you can train but how good you can recover. – Matt Wenning

On the podcast today is one of the strongest men on the planet. 3x World record holding powerlifter, elite strength and conditioning coach for athletes and military and service personnel, Matt Wenning.

Matt and Ben, break down the training, nutrition and recovery strategies for developing maximum strength, why you don’t need to squat more to get better at the squat, secrets learned from legends like Charles Poliquin, Stan Efferding and the epic 300 rep warm up used to develop world class strength, muscle and conditioning.

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Topics Discussed:

  1. The 300 rep warm up protocol for strength, hypertrophy and motor unit potentiation.
  2. Optimizing carbohydrate intake to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery.
  3. The one type of deadlift you should deadlift before conventional deadlifting for athletes and firefighters for preventing injuries.
  4. How to vary your squat using micro changes to maintain continuous progress without overtraining.
  5. The Law of 72 hours
  6. Recovery secrets from Larry Pacifico AKA “Mr. Powerlifting”



3:15 – Estrogen…is it a defense mechanism of the body?

4:15 – Mitigating inflammation, The problem with IIFYM that people often overlook.

8:00 – Why you don’t need to squat more if you’ve already mastered it. How to progress your squat numbers without squatting.

10:50 – The one type of deadlift you should use before conventional deadlifting for athletes and firefighters to increase hip mobility.

14:40 – Matt’s weekly rotation of auxiliary lifts for varying stimulus and progressing in strength.

16:50 – Breaking 2x world records while only squatting once every 5 weeks, training hard without over reaching and burning out.

19:30 – The Law of 72 hours.

20:30 – Nutrition protocol and maximizing recovery after a heavy leg session leading up to a powerlifting meet. Key insights from Charles Poliquin and Stan Efferding.

21:34 –  Maximizing protein synthesis and minimizing inflammation.

24:14 – Coconut Oil and how Poliquin and helped Matt move end his dependence.

26:10 –  Using the ketogenic diet strategically to get big, strong and lean.

27:20 –  Sleeping 12 hours. The similarities between Matt and Ed Coan

30:00 – Recovery secrets from Larry Pacifico AKA “Mr. Powerlifting”

37:40 – The epic warm up: Doing 300 reps before maxing and motor unit potentiation.

46:45 – Lime juice and Pink salt pre workout.

47:50 – New training equipment for competitive athletes and powerlifters, the belt squat machine and the tricep bench.


Resources Mentioned:

  • Penta Carb – ATP Labs


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