143 – Using energy therapy to heal trauma and illness, increase productivity, up-regulate gene expression and build character traits with Dr. Dawson Church

Dawson Church, PhD, joins us in today’s episode to talk about how utilising the energy flows in your body can help heal trauma, beat degenerative illnesses and cancer, increase productivity,  up-regulate gene expressions and build character traits. He is a wealth of knowledge who has changed his own life and that of thousands of others popularising EFT […]

In conversation with Brian Mackenzie: understanding the importance of breath

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 60: The art of breath and human performance with Brian Mackenzie. This excerpt has been edited for clarity. [0:19:30.8] Ben Pakulski: I want to get into the topic of nasal breathing and improved CO2 tolerance being directly correlated to burning more fat as fuel, which is obviously very […]