162 – A Deep Dive On HRV With Dr. Jay Wiles

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Jay Wiles, cohost of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast and host of Mindhacker’s Radio w/ Dr. Jay Wiles, to speak about all things HRV. This is a deep dive, so get out your pen and paper. Ever wondered how to measure? What you are measuring? How to use […]

Nasal breathing for performance: James Nestor

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 136 – The physiology of breath, and its life-changing effects, with James Nestor. This excerpt has been edited for clarity.   Ben Pakulski:  So let’s talk a little bit about what’s happening in the nose when you’re breathing. James Nestor: The problem with mouth breathing is you’re not […]

In conversation with Brian Mackenzie: understanding the importance of breath

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 60: The art of breath and human performance with Brian Mackenzie. This excerpt has been edited for clarity. [0:19:30.8] Ben Pakulski: I want to get into the topic of nasal breathing and improved CO2 tolerance being directly correlated to burning more fat as fuel, which is obviously very […]