132- The Oxygen Advantage, How Breathing Practices Can Change Your Mental and Physical State with Patrick McKeown


Breathing is the most reflexive movement in the body, but it doesn’t have to be. Our guest today, Patrick McKeown, is an expert in Buteyko breathing and the founder of the Oxygen Advantage. Patrick teaches us the benefits of nasal breathing and some great practices for changing from a mouth breather to a diaphragm breather. Some highlights from the episode include how raising your CO2 levels will help to further oxygenate your body and using nightly mouth taping to get rid of sleep apnea, snoring, and insomnia.

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Time Stamps:

4:00- Why proper breathing technique matters so much.

8:30- How your breathing technique affects your perceived output.

9:30- What is mouth taping and how can it help you.

12:00- Practices that will help your body fully oxygenate.

19:00- What are the potential benefits from proper breathing techniques?

26:30- Best practices for mouth taping during your sleep.

32:00- How to teach your kids how to breathe with their diaphragm.

36:15- Sleep apnea and nasal breathing.

41:00- Nasal breathing and the parasympathetic nervous system.

44:00- How breathing experts are using higher levels of CO2 to help reset breathing patterns.

46:00- How you can start to change your breathing patterns.

50:00- Mindful breathing and attention span. Why you (or your kids) need daily breathing practices to keep attention up and anxiety down.


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