96- Kamal Patel- How to Choose the Right Supplements

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Kamal Patel is the Director of Examine.com, an independent research review site.  On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast Kamal and Ben dive deep on what makes a good supplement, how supplements and diet can influence chronic pain, why whole foods are superior to supplements and much more.


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Time Stamps:

2:30- What is examine.com?

5:40- Where Kamal is finding the research that they publish on Examine.

9:30- Finding the cause of your pain.  Why its important to find the root of the issue before trying to fix it.

11:40- Nutrition and pain.  How your diet can be the root of your pain.

14:20- Supplements and diets that can influence pain receptors.

17:50- The amino acids to watch for pain signaling.

20:00- Nutrient timing and amino acids.

23:50- How often are studies actually useful rather than skewed.

28:50- What should people be aware of when buying supplements?

32:30- How to find out if your supplement stack can have negative reactions for your gut or liver health.

35:00- Nutrient intake and deficiencies.  Why most people consume the vitamins that they need but are missing minerals.

36:45- Supplements that have the most research backing when it comes to chronic pain.

38:45- How to choose a probiotic.

43:45- Natural nootropics.  Some foods that you can eat that will naturally enhance cognitive function.

47:45- Generic vs brand name meds.  Are they really the same formulation?

51:35- Why multiple opinions matter.  Doctors always look at a problem through the lens of their specialty and therefore may misdiagnose a problem.

52:00- Kamal’s suggestions for supplements to take.

55:00- Macro, micro and nutrient requirements.  Why your requirements will vary based on your ancestry.

61:25- Glutamine and gut health. 

63:45- The importance of quality when it comes to supplements and bioaccumulation.

66:30- Where to find examine.com‘s 2018 fitness guide.

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