53 – Rethinking Everything You Knew About A “Healthy Diet ” with Dr. Steven Gundry

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Today’s show is going to massively shift you’re thinking about the common advice given in the fitness industry about just eating “whole foods” and what a “healthy diet” really is.

Our guest today is best selling author, Director, and Founder of the International Heart & Lung Institute as well as the Center for Restorative Medicine, Dr. Steven Gundry.

His latest book The Plant Paradox breaks down the hidden dangers of healthy foods, how to fix your gut, what foods to eliminate from your diet today and more.

 Grab the full transcript here >> 53 Dr. Stephen Gundry


Topics Discussed:

⇾  What should never come across your mouth if you want to a healthy microbiome.

⇾ The “antibiotic free” lie in the U.S.

⇾  The antibody that 94% of us are carrying around.

⇾ The two best types of grains to avoid lectins


Time Stamps:

4:00 – Dr. Gundry’s “Big Ed” story and Dr. Gundry’s Yale thesis.

9:30 – Inflammatory cytokines and the plant defense system.

14:20 – The Blue Zone Theory

15:01 – Purple potatoes and The Okanagan Diet.

16:40 – The scientific mechanism behind lectins, gluten, sticky proteins and more.

18:37 – Zonulin, white blood cells, and lectins

21:59 – Curing vitiligo, anti-inflammatory foods.

25:33 – Brain health and lectins.

30:00 – Are all lectins the same? Celiac disease and more.

31:30 – Your family history, genetics, and lectins. Anxiety and depression and their correlation to lectins.

34:40 – Understanding and optimizing the microbiome with food.

36:39 – What humans were NOT made to eat. Destroying lectins with acid.

38:20  – High lectins contain foods. Casein A1

40:20 – The antibody that 94% of us are carrying around.

43:10 – The “antibiotic free” lie.

43:50 – Roundup, glyphosate, and chemicals in your food.

45:20 – Vitamin D to repair your gut?

47:17 – Olive oil, leaves and millet.

51:00 – Rosemary, anchovies, wine, and living over 100.


Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution

The Plant Paradox

The Botany of Desire

The Hidden Life of Trees


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