157- CBD- What to Expect and What Not to Expect with Dr. Evan Demarco

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Dr. Evan Demarco joins us today to discuss the latest CBD research! These days you will hear a ton of out there claims about CBD for just about every ailment out there. That is why we brought on one of the country’s top CBD formulators to breakdown what we can and what we can’t expect when taking CBD supplements. Dr. Demarco presents us with some of the latest research on CBD and cortisol, the benefits of taking CBD with Omega 3s and breaks down the legality of buying CBD in the US.

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Time Stamps

3:00 – How Evan ended up getting into CBD research after avoiding it for most of his career.

7:00 – What needs to be in your CBD oil to for it to work optimally?

12:30 – What, if any, are the legal ramifications of full spectrum CBD in the US?

16:00 – What is the internal mechanism that CBD works on?

21:30 – How CBD affects cortisol.

23:00 – The positive benefits that Dr. Demarco is seeing from combining CBD and Omega-3s.

33:00 – Is there a difference in the effectiveness of marijuana strains?

36:00 – How to differentiate between CBD brands.

37:45 – Should you be giving CBD to your kids?

40:30 – Is there any evidence that you can influence CBD-1 vs CBD-2 receptors?

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