138- Muscle Activation and the Nervous System with Greg Roskopf

  Greg Roskopf the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques joins us today to discuss the role the neuro-musclular system plays in preventing injuries and performance. MAT is focused on hacking the nervous system to address muscular imbalances and relieve muscle pain. Ben and Greg discuss the benefits Ben has seen from MAT as well as the biological […]

136- How to Protect Yourself from Environmental Pollution with Dr. David Carpenter

  Joining us today is Dr. David Carpenter, one of the worlds leading researchers on environmental pollution and an environmental advocate.  Dr. Carpenter warns of the dangers of EMF pollution and upcoming 5G towers.  From there we dive into more traditional environmental pollution and how to minimize your exposure to toxins such as PCBs which […]

135- The Downside of Technology with Daniel Debaun

  Daniel Debaun is a former telecommunications engineer who has shifted his focus to eliminating exposure to electromagnetic radiation caused by modern technology such as cellphones and wifi.  Daniel invented a product called Defendershield to help his family as well as others avoid dangerous EMFs.  On this episode, Daniel walks Ben through the mechanisms that […]

134- SuperLife through Super Foods with Darin Olien the Superfood Hunter

  Darin Olien is a man of many hats, some would call him a biohacker or maybe a healthy living enthusiast, but most call him a super food hunter.  Darin has traveled the world in search of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet.  Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast we talk to Darin […]

131- Optimizing Thyroid Function with Elle Russ of Primal Blueprint

  Elle Russ is a woman of many hats. A creative writer, comedian and actor, Elle found herself in the middle of a health crisis while trying to maintain the ideal “actress body”. The root of that cause was a thyroid issue that took Elle over 10 years and 50 doctors to get under control. Elle has […]

130- Nutrition Mastery, Carbs vs Fat with Dr. Layne Norton

  Dr. Layne Norton joins us at the MI40 Gym to share from his wealth of nutrition knowledge. Dr. Norton and Ben jump right in discussing what its like to work on social media and Layne’s sometimes “abrasive” approach. From there the conversation moves to metabolic flexibility, whether carb to fat ratio matters as much as some […]