147- Exercise Selection to Improve Performance with Andy O’Brien

Today we have Ben’s best friend, Andy O’Brien, the strength and conditioning coach for the Pittsburg Penguins! Ben and Andy dive deep into optimizing performance no matter what your athletic endeavor is. We discuss the role of the CNS in athletic performance and how to determine your optimal state for performance. We also dive into exercise and drill […]

Bonus Episode- Man Up, The Principles and Logic of Bedros Keuilian

Ben recently sat down with Bedros to discuss his new book, Man Up. In this bonus edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast we dive into Bedros’ greatest tips for leadership and clear communication and decision making. As a special bonus for you all we are giving away signed copies of Man Up! All you have to do […]

146- Training Movement Before Strength with Cory Schlesinger

 Cory Schlesinger, the sports performance coach for Stanford Basketball, joins us to discuss the strength, conditioning and life skills that he trains into college athletes. Cory is one of the most forward thinking strength coaches in college sports, today he teaches us the importance of working from the ground up. Working with outliers has forced him to […]

145- Special Edition- Dr. Anthony Jay Reads Ben’s DNA

  This is a very different episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast! Today we have Dr. Anthony Jay on to tell us about his latest research at the Mayo Clinic and to decipher Ben’s DNA. This conversational episode starts with a discussion on the incredible results Dr. Jay is seeing from infrared light therapy with the […]

143- The Science of the Awakened Mind with Judith Pennington

  Joining us today is Judith Pennington from the Institute of the Awakened Mind. Judith has spent her life researching what is physically happening as your brain enters different states of consciousness. In this episode we dive deeper than just what the dominant frequency of your brain is and discuss the patterns of frequencies you see as […]

142- Spirituality, Psychedelics and Coping with Retirement with Dorian Yates

  Dorian Yates’ is a man who needs no introduction. He is a 6 time Mr. Olympia and one of the greatest physiques of all time. Today we steered away from the usual career topics and dove deep into Dorian’s life after bodybuilding. We talk briefly about why he decided it was time to retire and then […]

141- Exercise Execution, Muscle Building DNA and the Science of Exercise with Tom Purvis

  Joining us today is one of Ben’s mentors and one of the leading minds behind intelligent exercise execution, Tom Purvis. Tom is the founder of Resistance Training Specialist and PersonalTraining.com. Ben and Tom have a marathon podcast on a huge variety of training related topics. We dive deep on the training methods that have shown success for […]

140- Optimizing Your Training and Recovery with Dr. Chad Waterbury

  Dr. Chad Waterbury joins us today to talk training! Dr. Waterbury shares his advanced knowledge of exercise physiology and the nervous system. He and Ben discuss building a workout, execution mastery, and the role of training on your nervous system. We also dive deep on motor unit recruitment, optimizing recovery, and and the balancing act that […]

139- Stop Lying to Yourself and Start Living Your Purpose with Kute Blackson

  One of the thought leaders of our time, Kute Blackson, joins us today to share his story.  At a young age Kute found himself thrust into a familial role that he didn’t see for himself.  Today Kute is an international speaker on self-love and living your purpose.  Listen in to hear Kute’s amazing insight […]